About Me

My name is Armstrong Simms, and I am currently a student at Baylor University, majoring in Film… but you don’t want to know that. What do I write about? That’s what you want to know.

I keep a notebook with me most everywhere I go where I write thoughts, poetry, stories and more. On this blog I will sometimes post selections from my notebook. Or possibly thoughts not in my notebook.

I’m an introspective person, so I write about life.

I love movies, so I write about films and try to expand my readers film palette.

I like stories, so I write fictional stories.

I’m human being and have problems, so I write about my problems.

I’m a thinker, so I write down my thoughts.

I pretty much write down anything and everything that goes through my head. Stick around. Maybe you’ll learn something. Or maybe you can teach me something.